getting started

After you have come to our facility to visit, one of our specialists will

meet with you and your dog to conduct an interview to determine:

  1.  your individual needs

  2.  your dog’s temperament and health profile
    (allergies, medical needs, etc.)

  3.  your goals for day care

From this interview, we will develop a personalized plan that works

with your needs in terms of how often your dog should visit, what

types of play groups they should participate in, and what special type

of training they should undergo.  The interview process is mandatory

for admittance.  In the interest of your pet’s safety and health we

require this for everyone before membership is started.

Click Here for an ApplicationGetting_Started_files/AppRelease.pdf

168 Pompton Avenue      Verona, NJ 07044      973.746.6773

Terms and conditions, procedures, and policies subject to change at any time without notice