Designed in collaboration with canine specialists, 4PAWS provides

dogs with a place to socialize with each other in an open and loving

environment. The facility caters to parents of small dogs who are

looking to provide their “babies” with the playground they need to be

happy and well-adjusted.

What are the benefits of 4PAWS day care?

  1. A healthier dog – playing with each other and interacting with our doggy monitors promotes excellent cardio health, increased muscle tone, and lowered stress levels

  2. A happier dog – they love socializing with other pack-trained dogs that have received a 4PAWS health and behavior inspection and are neutered

  3. A more confident dog – one that has learned how to approach new situations and other dogs without fear and insecurity

who we are

168 Pompton Avenue      Verona, NJ 07044      973.746.6773

Terms and conditions, procedures, and policies subject to change at any time without notice