Why do dogs need day care?  

As much as they love being with humans, they love being with their

own kind even more.  Doggy socialization and pack exercise makes

them healthier and happier.

Answer the following questions to see if your dog needs day care:

  1. Does your dog spend long hours alone?

  2. Does your dog excessively chew?

  3. Does your dog bark at everything?

  4. Is your dog fearful or aggressive when meeting other dogs or people?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then day care is something you should consider for your pet.  Interaction with “the

pack” in a carefully monitored setting helps your doggie develop social

skills and build confidence.

Designed in collaboration with canine specialists, 4PAWS provides

dogs with a place to socialize with each other in an open and loving

environment. The facility caters to parents of small dogs who are

looking to provide their “babies” with the playground they need to be

happy and well-adjusted.

Interested in reading more?  Download this file written by our certified trainer, Fernando Comacho:

why doggy day care

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